Oskar Competence Survey

Oskar is an easy-to-use digital tool designed for mapping out the competence and skills of an individual. Oskar is based on the international ESCO standard and contains the professional skill requirements of more than 3000 professions. 

Oskar Competence Survey enables the comprehensive examination of an individual’s skills, competences and interests. It is available in 28 languages. The competence survey offers a career coach comprehensive background information of each participant and allows them to plan a personalized career coaching path. 

Do you work with jobseekers, trainings or developing competence?

Oskar Competence Survey can give you a view into the current skills and competences of both individuals and groups. You can then plan your trainings to best match the prevailing needs. 

Do you need support in seeking employment or in mapping out your skills?

Oskar Competence Survey can help you recognize and word your competences and distinguish the skills central in your field. You can also examine your current possibilities for work, career and education and plan your career path to support you in finding employment and developing professionally. You can save the competence profile made through the survey on your own computer and share it, for example, with a potential employer.