Working for BearIT

We have been working with digital career services since 2016. Our career coaching combines a uniquely strong expertise on software development and experience in career training. 

  We champion individuals and society. We have a true will to help and the ability to listen. We use the digital world to find solutions to improve the everyday life and well-being of people. We inspire confidence in new possibilities, career paths and life. 

Together – for a better tomorrow. 

Workplace and Culture

Our work culture is one of responsibility and freedom, where employees have liberty to find their own ways of working to achieve the best results and develop their own skillset. 

We value the expertise and professionality of each of our employees. We are people-oriented and trust our employees; this is the basis of all our work. 

We are a genuinely tight-knit community. We work in close cooperation, advance matters together and have no fear or prejudice in trying new solutions. 

Uncompromisingly Different

At BearIT, we are guided by our values in our daily work. Professionalism means valuing our own competence, taking responsible action and creating sustainable growth. We are a proudly Social Enterprise. 

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