Individual Coaching

ICT Sprintti

The coaching is for old hands returning to the ICT field as well as for new enthusiasts trying to find their way to it. The focus of the course is in recognizing and planning your career possibilities in ICT. Traversing the path by your side is an experienced coach, supporting you in reaching your goals throughout. ICT Sprintti is currently available only in Finnish. 

The digital coaching lasts 10 weekdays. 


UraSprintti is a digital coaching service that offers flexible coaching for everyone looking for more clarity to their career paths. The coaching supports and guides in recognizing competencies and putting them into words, weighing out career options, finding opportunities to enhance know-how, developing strategies and skills needed when seeking employment, and improving digital skills, according to the need of the client.  

Personal guidance and support from the career coach is available throughout the course. The non-stop coaching is available around the clock.  

Completing UraSprintti takes 7-32 weekdays, depending on the content. 

Dual Career Coaching

Dual Career Coaching is an agile career coaching program for all National League football players. The coaching path is built to consider an athlete’s full situation with its many facets, both in sport and outside it.

Career coaching is open for every player, but especially useful for those searching for their direction either professionally or academically. During the course, the athlete works with a coach in making a long-term plan for their athletic career, studies and career outside sport. The aim is that after the service the athlete will have a clearer understanding of a dual career and the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in building their own.