About Us

We are a company of modern, professional career services. Our characteristic qualities are our exceptionally extensive experience in digitalization and unique ability to recognize competence. We use these qualities in developing new, beneficent solutions. 

We are proud of our soft values and will not compromise on them. Happily, we do not need to – we are united by our genuine will to help. 

Championing the Individual

Our work begins and ends with people. We use digital features to find solutions to improve the well-being of people: to ease the everyday, streamline functions and discover personal competencies. It is important to us that we act together. We do not leave anyone to cope by themselves – not a client nor our employee. We have a true will to help and the ability to listen. 

How It Started

The story of BearIT started in 2013. Founder and CEO Teemu Karhu had had a long international career in different IT companies. Around that time, co-operation negotiations and outsourcing were a scourge for a hard worker, and Teemu’s mind began wondering toward a programming company that would employ the skills of the recently unemployed.  

The original idea for setting up the enterprise was indeed to employ people whose employment outlook was not the brightest but that had skills enough to share. After some time, the story evolved, and in the spring of 2023 BearIT awoke from hibernation, sold the programming side of the business to TwoDay oy, and decided to focus on what motivates us the most; helping people. 

After our renewal, we use our considerable IT and digitalization know-how in being a forerunner in digitalizing career services. We want to bring people the opportunity of reaching high quality career coaching with the best possible tools and client experience. The digital world alone will not solve people’s issues, for that we have the guidance of our extremely skilled coaches. The process is, however, supported by our well-developed, innovative digital tools. 

We Are Responsible and Impactful

We want to have an influence on society and do our part in building a sustainable future. Our business is socially responsible, and we have been awarded the Social Enterprise and the Key Flag symbols. The values and actions of our company are based on being societally beneficial. 

We also like to show our support for sports by supporting local sports for youth. We especially want to support and enable women’s competitive sport at the highest level. Our desire is to be active in promoting well-being and health through sport. Finland needs that, both now and in the future. 

Proficient – Impactful – Humane – Visionary