LearnIT training starts again in the autumn – all of the participants got employed from the previous program

In LearnIT training, the participants work closely with the recruiting companies and focus on real software development projects right from the start. The training is provided and organized by BearIT together with Pirkanmaa TE Office.

The previous LearnIT training has been running during the spring 2018 and the next one will start in the autumn as soon as the participants have been selected. The concept of the program is still the same: right from the start, the participants will concentrate on training projects based on real needs of the recruiting companies.

– We are happy to start a new program right after the previous one. The companies participating in LearnIT are truly committed to the program, says CEO of BearIT Teemu Karhu.

Four weeks has gone since the last program ended and the results speak for themselves: all of the participants have got employed in software industry.

– The results are a clear indication for us that the concept really works. What makes LearnIT training effective is the fact that the participants learn by doing and work with real software development projects, states coordinator of LearnIT training Anne Tervakari.