LearnIT program starts in Helsinki


LearnIT is a training program for ICT professionals and aims to update their knowledge and employ them in software industry. The content of the program is customized according to the participants’ backgrounds as well as the needs of the recruiting companies.

Software house BearIT Oy will start its LearnIT program in Helsinki in cooperation with Uusimaa TE Office. So far, LearnIT has been running in Tampere and participants of the program have been employed in software companies that operate in Tampere.

– This is an important step for us and will open our way to Helsinki. We are happy to start working with our partners in the capital region, says CEO of BearIT Oy Teemu Karhu.

Training in quality assurance

This time, the program will concentrate in quality assurance and testing with Comiq Oy as the recruiting company. The content of the program is customized for Comiq Oy and the program includes both study periods and working. The program will start as soon as suitable candidates have been selected.

– We are looking for ICT professionals who want to develop their competence in quality assurance and testing. The aim of the program is that the participants are employed for Comiq Oy after the six months’ training, says coordinator of the program Anne Tervakari.