AWS User Group Tampere November Meetup – a short summary

The AWS User Group Tampere November Meetup took place at MOW Supernova in Ratina on November 26. This was the fourth meetup in Tampere and the event was sponsored by BearIT.

Cargotec Digital Solutions Hub

The event began with an introduction by a member of the organizer team Harri Lakkala and followed by a sponsor presentation by Program Director Tero Kivimäki from BearIT. After the introductions Chief Software Architect Jari Timonen from Cargotec presented Cargotec Digital Solutions Hub. Cargotec Digital Solutions Hub runs completely on AWS and provides solutions and maintenance for all business units at Cargotec. The hub utilises 9000 IoT devices sending data, over 60 Lambdas and over 10 ECS clusters, producing 2000 GB of data in a month. 

Reaktor: “Practical experiences from CloudFormation to AWS CDK migration in a hybrid infra architecture”

The next presentation was held by Software Architect Markus Lindqvist from Reaktor. AWS CDK enables building an infrastructure by using the same familiar programming languages as the rest of the code uses. According to Lindqvist, CloudFormation is a mixed and complicated way to build an infrastructure, whereas AWS CDK makes it easier to separate code and infrastructure from each other and develop reusable components. There is also up to 43 % less code that needs to be maintained, and, what Lindqvist described as the biggest finding, it is so easy to develop infra with AWS CDK that coders are actually willing to do it.

BearIT: “Valmet Industrial Internet”

The final presentation was held by CTO Marco Ylitörmä from BearIT. Valmet Industrial Internet is collecting mill, plant, process and equipment data from customers. Providing a meaningful dialogue with data brings tangible results by leveraging advanced analytics and Valmet’s know-how to create new data-driven applications. This provides applications for operator assistance and new set points for the automation system. Benefits for the customers are reduced raw material and energy costs, reduced downtime and unplanned stops and improved product quality. Valmet Industrial Internet has been leveraging AWS extensively since 2016. Marco Ylitörmä presented the current architecture and explained how some specific use cases evolved from 2016 to 2019 due to changing requirements and the evolution of AWS Cloud platform.

AWS User Group Tampere Meetups

The event was booked out (by over 70 participants) and the audience seemed pleased with the content. We would like to thank the participants and specially the organizers Harri, Risto and Ben for making these meetups possible. 

The upcoming AWS User Group Tampere Meetups will be organised in January 2020 (sponsored by Solita) and February 2020 (sponsored by Polar Squad & Reaktor). 

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