Software house BearIT Oy strengthens its cloud technology competence – one third of the employees have been granted an AWS certification

AWSAmazon Web Services or AWS, a business unit of Amazon offering cloud computing services, grants AWS certifications as a recognition of that employees of a company have understanding of AWS technologies and services.

Software house BearIT Oy is aiming to focus on cloud technology services and, as a result, one third of the employees of the company have been granted an AWS certification during this year. Overall, seven employees of the company have been granted seven Associate and one Professional level certifications. According to the company, the certifications support business growth and the business objectives of the company.

– One of our main objectives will be on cloud technologies and the AWS certifications are a significant step towards this direction. In the future, we will be able to offer more comprehensive cloud service solutions to our clients, says CTO and Chief Cloud Architect of BearIT Oy Marco Ylitörmä.

– The certifications are a concrete recognition of the competency of our experts and a possibility to improve our customer experience and competence development. We are planning to recruit more cloud experts and this way drive business growth, states CEO of BearIT Oy Teemu Karhu.

Teemu Karhu

Marco Ylitörmä


AWS certifications are recognitions that indicate competency in AWS technologies and services. Certifications are divided into different stages (Foundational, Associate and Professional) as well as different specialties (security, big data and networking).


Certifications are performed through a written exam consisting of multiple-choice questions.


The certifications are a recognition of cloud computing competency, granted by an third party. With the help of the certifications the company can therefore indicate proven expertise in AWS platform.